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Breathable packaging

Microtechnologic insertion conferring breathing properties

Starting from the know-how for the development of the patented device for controlling gaseous exchanges between the inside and outside of a package for solid or liquid food products (BlowDevice), the proposed activity has the following goal: to develop an innovative breathing film using traditional materials provided with a microtechnologic insertion.

The goal is to control/adapt the atmosphere inside the package in relation the product requirement. By adjusting the gaseous exchanges over the time depending on the packaged product characteristics, using, the pressure variations produced in the controlled temperature storage environment by the refrigeration plant used in the cold chain. The BlowDevice offers the chances: (1) to continue the use of already containers units used, without having to introduce changes on the production lines by replacing the machines; (2) to avoid the application of special containers or films packaging under MA, which are expensive and often difficult to handle and weld; (3) to improve the use of MA packaging for fruit and vegetable and consequently to reduce the application of chemicals as post-harvest treatments; (4) to increase the storage-life and shelf-life (also at domestic level) of fruit and vegetable and so to reduce the food loss.