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Heat Resistant PLA (rigid packaging) and Soften PLA (film applications)

Natureplast has developed during the last ten years compounds made of renewable resources dedicated to packaging applications. PLSF range is a family of soften PLA compound intended to be use in substitution of BOPP or PE films. It keeps a very interesting transparency that can compete with currently used packaging solutions. PLHT range is a family of heat resistant PLA specifically developed for injection moulding and thermoforming applications where heat resistance above 100 °C is required in substitution of PP or HIPS for food packaging applications. These two PLA ranges are more than 80% biobased and fully compostable and have been successfully tested at industrial scale by European converters. PBS compounds are also available for injection moulding and thermoforming applications where a good balance between good processability, mechanical behaviour, impact resistance and higher biodegradability ability are sought in order to substitute PP, PS or PE packaging. Of course, the technology has price barriers compared to conventional polymers. Moreover, it is not easy to achieve high oxygen / moisture barrier with these materials. Opportunities are end life use and environmental performance (LCA). Consumer acceptability will be high.