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Bio-based and biodegradable materials

Bio-based and biodegradable materials and multilayer film technology

Novamont SPA is an Italian company worldwide leader in the sector of bioplastics and in the development of bioproducts obtained through the integration of chemistry, environment and agriculture that provide solution for specific environmental problems. Its model of development aims at building bridges between different sectors and creating new value by collaborating with all the stakeholders in the value chain: from agriculture to research, from industry to waste management, from local institutions to civil society. Guided by these principles, NOVAMONT promotes an approach to bioeconomy based on the efficient use of renewable resources and on the regeneration of local areas, with its world-first plants based on proprietary technologies and revitalizing industrial sites that are decommissioned or no longer competitive to create new industries, new products and new jobs.

Biodegradable and compostable materials are used in those sectors and applications characterized by production of undifferentiated waste and help in recuperate organic material via composting. Within MYPACK project, Novamont will demonstrate biodegradable and compostable materials solutions suitable for different food packaging applications, especially where the conventional recycling is technically difficult (multi-layer materials) or economically not feasible due to the high contamination with organic residues.