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MyPack “Best markets for the exploitation of innovative sustainable food packaging solutions” is a four-year project started on 1st November 2017 and funded by the Horizon 2020 program (Grant Agreement Number 774265).

The goal of MyPack is to support the market introduction of innovative packaging to reduce food and packaging waste and their negative influence on the environment. In the 27 European countries, 89 million tons of food waste is produced each year, which means that Europeans throw away 20% of the food they buy.

Packaging waste is also produced by the ton, and the recovery rate varies between 50 and 98%; the recycling rate is between 50 and 79%.

An important parameter for evaluating packaging is its optimal environmental impact. For such a concept to succeed, the consumers also need to participate. Information, awareness-raising, and dissemination of the advantages are key elements.

That is why MyPack aims to include the various expectations from different consumer groups related to product sustainability, handling, and product safety and quality in the project. New packaging can be adapted to many different consumer expectations. MyPack strives to find the best possible products and the best possible market for the commercial development of new packaging technologies.

More information and updates on project activities are available on MyPack website and social media channels: