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Jul 20

Glopack project at MyPack meeting

On the first day of MyPack consortium meeting, Valerie Guillard, the coordinator of GLOPACK project, shared with MyPack the research...
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Jul 20

MyPack project – 5th consortium meeting

The 5th MyPack consortium meeting was held on Web Conference between 18 and 19 June 2020. The project partners reviewed...
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Dec 19

MyPack project – 4th consortium meeting

On 9th and 10th December 2019, MyPack partners met for the 4th consortium meeting, kindly hosted by 2B in Mogliano...
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Jul 19

MyPack project – 3rd Consortium Meeting

The 3rd consortium meeting of the MyPack project was organised by UNIBAS and NINETEK partners in Matera (Italy), from 4th...
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Dec 18

MyPack 2nd annual meeting

The 2nd annual meeting of the MyPack project was organized by Barbastathis partner in Thessaloniki (Greece), from Monday 10th December until...
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Jul 18

MyPack workshop – “Innovating for the future of packaging in the frame of the Eu Circular Economy strategy”

The MyPack workshop has been held with the participation of project coordinators Valérie Guillard and Jose M. Lagaron, of H2020...
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May 18

1st Consortium meeting

Over 30 representing of 18 partners from the academic, scientific and industrial world, including SMEs, gathered in Stuttgart (Germany) at...
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