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MyPack project – 4th consortium meeting

On 9th and 10th December 2019, MyPack partners met for the 4th consortium meeting, kindly hosted by 2B in Mogliano Veneto (Italy). 2B Srl (www.to-be.it), is an environmental SME consultancy specialised in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) offering a range of related services like LCC (Life Cycle Costing), Social LCA, ecodesign, ecolabel, industrial ecology and environmental marketing.

The meeting was an opportunity for the partners to provide updates on the main outputs reached by the project after two years of project life. A couple of highlights were the presentation of WP5 regarding the concrete application of bio-based and biodegradable materials and multilayer film developed by NOVAMONT, NATUREPLAST and WIPAK for salad and biscuits produced by Barba Stathis and Léa Nature, respectively. Besides, the application of heat resistant and inert PLA based and PP based rigid packaging developed by NATUREPLAST and FURTGROUP for baby-food produced by HIPP. Moreover, the scheduled application of micro-technology insertion conferring film breathing properties developed by UNIBAS and NINETEK for fresh-cut salad provided by Barba Stathis.