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MyPack in events

  • 28th October 2020 – 1st joint MyPack-GLOPACK-YPACK webinar on “Bioplastics for Packaging: Challenges and Opportunities”

MyPack organised a series of webinars with two other like-minded European projects GLOPACK and YPACK, to disseminate together and maximise the impact of the obtained results in different topics.

The first webinar focused on the challenges and opportunities of bioplastics.

Tetiana Pavlenko from UHOH represented MyPack and presented “A look on the recent trends at the market of bioplastics” focusing on the application of bioplastics for packaging solutions, particularly in the food sector.

MyPack_A look on the recent trends at the market of bioplastics

GLOPACK_What do industry actors expect from bioplastic packaging

YPACK-Upscaling of bioplastic technology

  • 27th November 2020 – 2nd joint MyPack-GLOPACK-YPACK webinar: Under – or over-packaging: how to find the right balance between packaging and food waste?

The 2nd joint webinar aimed to provide guidelines for sustainable packaging solutions, optimising packaging and reducing food waste.

Leo Breedveld from 2B represented MyPack with a presentation based on the project’s deliverables and focused on finding the right balance between packaging and food waste.

MyPack_Under- or over-packaging a key question in the food waste debate

GLOPACK_European consumers’ expectations & acceptations regarding sustainable packaging

YPACK_Consumer responses to the many faces of sustainable food packaging

  • 16th December 2020- Biovoices MML workshop: Bio-based materials for food packaging: replacing plastics and addressing consumers’ expectations

Biovioces project held a workshop in collaboration with BioBridgesMyPack and GLOPACK; to ease the dialogue among stakeholders to co-create recommendations and possible solutions to boost the adoption of bio-based packaging and create a favourable environment for consumers’ habits change.

From 13th to 16th October 2020: LCA Food 2020, virtually from Berlin (Germany)

It was an opportunity to illustrate the work that 2B is carrying out within the Horizon 2020 MyPack project. Leo Breedveld’s presentation, “Under- or over-packaging: a key question in the food waste debate?”, in Session 4: Food Waste models and prevention actions with live discussion, dealt with the development of guidelines for sustainable packaging solutions that optimize packaging and reduce food waste.




  • 4th may 2020: GLOPACK monthly Skype call (online)

GLOPACK H2020 invited us to share with their partners our research objectives and achievement.


  • 14th February 2020: “The use of bioplastics in the organic industry” Workshop (Nuremberg, Germany)

Novamont partner, in collaboration with IFOAM EU organised a workshop on the possibilities to use biodegradable and compostable plastics in the organic sector, where C. Cotillon (MYPACK coordinator) presented MyPack project and the updated state of the art of the development of compostable packaging.


  • From 12th to 14th February 2020: BIOFACH Fair (Nuremberg, Germany)

Novamont partner-hosted MyPack project at its booth. During the fair show, it was possible to organise a meeting among partners, give specific information on the project as well as to meet interesting industries and stakeholders.


  • 4th December 2019: Organic innovation days (Brussels, Belgium)

  1. Guarini from Novamont presented some of the work achieved in the framework of MyPack project https://www.mypackfood.eu/events/mypack-project-in-tp-organicss-innovation-days-2019-bruxelles-belgium/


  • 28th November 2019: School@Novamont (Novara, Italy)

Within the training project “School@Novamont”, MyPack project was presented among the European projects that promote bio-based industry and products. 400 Italian students participated in the training session.


  • 25th November 2020 : Rencontre ECOTHEC Plastiques et emballages 2019 (Paris, France)

Our partner A. Guinault from CNAM presented MyPack project.


  • 29th October 2019: European workshop on bioeconomy (Paris, France)

 Our partner from CTCPA P. Dole from CTCPA participated to the workshop and presented MyPack project.


  • 24th October 2019: Commission développement durable du CTCPA (France)

  1. Dole from CTCPA presented to an internal event MyPack project.


  • 22nd October 2019 : Commission matériaux biosourcés pôle IAR (France)

 Our partner from CTCPA P. Dole from CTCPA participated to the workshop and presented MyPack project.


  • 14th October 2019: Internal dissemination in Wageningen University (Netherlands)

Our partner G. Granatofrom WUR presented a part of the result obtained in the framework of WP 2 integrated into her PhD thesis.


  • 10th October 2019: 2nd Workshop on innovation in mechanics engineering applied to agro-food and forest biosystems at Agrilevante fair (Bari, Italy)

The results obtained in the framework of MyPack project regarding “the effectiveness of Blow® micro-technology applied to the packaging for maintaining quality, and extending the storability of organic table grapes”, were presented by our colleagues from UNIBAS to a large audience of scientific researchers and industrial stakeholders.




  • 10th October 2019 : Conférences du fonds français pour l’alimentation et la santé (France)

  1. Dole from CTCPA participated in a national conference and presented MyPack project.


  • 20th September 2019: the second appointment of the constituting operating group focused on Apulian organic table grape

This phase includes the promotion of the project and its results beyond its timespan. For this purpose, on 20th September 2019, at s, the present stakeholders (producers, researchers, retailers) served as panel test to evaluate the quality of early-season table grapes (Superior seedless) packed under active modified atmosphere packaging equipped with Blow® micro-technology (smart breathing device patented by UNIBAS) and stored for more than 60 days. The stakeholder members expressed their satisfaction with the preserved product, which had a freshness and aroma of a freshly picked grape




  • 12th September 2019: International Mid-term Conference 2019 on Biosystems engineering for “Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Food Production” (Potenza-Matera, Italy)

The national conference was organised by the Italian Association of Agricultural engineering (AIIA) in collaboration with the University of Basilicata (UNIBAS).

Our partner F. Genovese from NINETEK presented Mypack project in a special session dedicated to several European projects https://sites.google.com/unibas.it/aiiamatera2019/programme


  • 27th June 2019: Scientific festival of the city of Stuttgart 2019 (Stuttgart, Germany)

  1. Gotz from UHOH presented MyPack project.


  • 15th May 2019: MyPack Project – Dissemination meeting (Potenza, Italy)

The goals and ongoing research activities of MyPack project, in addition to the first results regarding the end life of the Blow® device made of PLA; were presented at the University of Basilicata (SAFE Department – UNIBAS) in Italy.




  • 6th May 2019: Kick-off meeting of new BBI project LIFT (Italy)

Novamont partner hosted the kick-off meeting of the project LIFT funded by BBI-JU. The project aimes to maximise the impact of Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) by valorising their outcomes and promoting collaboration among them. During Novamont’s welcome speech, MyPack was presented among the European projects that promote bioeconomy and support the market introduction of innovative bio-based packaging.