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KIDV-MyPack free webinar “Consumer behaviour and sustainable packaging”

5th October 2021 

In the framework of MyPack activities, H2020 project, KIDV organised a successful webinar on Consumer Behaviour and Sustainable Packaging. Various researchers; from Wageningen University & Research (WUR), University of Groningen (RUG) and market research agency IPSOS; shed light on consumer behaviour in relation to the design and disposal of packaging, highlighting what companies can do with this knowledge.

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Free joint webinar “Sustainability communication on food packages status quo and future needs”

5th July 2021 
After the successful series of webinars organised by MyPack with two other like-minded EU-funded projects. MyPack project renewed its experience with a cost action project CIRCUL-A-BILITY.
Moving toward the same objectives as the MyPack project in limiting the negative environmental impact of packaging and food waste and influencing decision and policymakers EU-wide; CIRCUL-A-BILITY project is an inclusive network with the aim to influence and harmonise future food packaging.
In total, over 109 participants from 30 countries (EU and non-EU )and different fields, mainly research community, packaging and food industry, civil society, and international organisations, registered to the events. During the event, the partners discussed the following issues with an engaged debate with the participants:
  • Packaging and Sustainability;
  • Sustainability communication to consumers;
  • Circular packaging design;
  • Sustainable disposal behaviour of packaging;
  • Consumers‘ perception of sustainable packaging;
  • Gap between current developments / activities and communication on packages;
  • Research needs;
  • Current research activities within MyPack and COST Circul-a-biltiy, European projects.

The presentations are available here:

Prof. Victoria Krauter – Circular packaging design and communication

Giulia Granato – A meaningful reminder on sustainability: when explicit & implicit packaging cues meet

If you missed the webinar, the full webinar video recording is available on MyPack food channel https://youtu.be/MlLW1ZrAEMc

6th International ISEKI-Food Conference (ISEKI-Food 2021)

23-25th June 2021 

The ISEKI-Food 2021 was successfully held online. 193 Abstracts have been submitted, 144 Posters, 49 Oral presentations and 11 Invited speakers made the conference a huge success. Tetiana Pavlenko, from UHOH, presented MyPack project on the 3rd session Sustainable development.

24th International Conference on Material Forming, ESAFORM 2021

14-16th April 2021 

Alain Guinault, from CNAM, presented the last results obtained and published in the framework of the project MyPack “Relationship Between Crystallization, Mechanical and Gas Barrier Properties of Poly(ethylene furanoate) (PEF) in Multinanolayered PLA-PEF and PET-PEF Films.”


Biovoices MML workshop: Bio-based materials for food packaging: replacing plastics and addressing consumers’ expectations

16th December 2020 

Biovioces project held a workshop in collaboration with BioBridgesMyPack and GLOPACK; to ease the dialogue among stakeholders to co-create recommendations and possible solutions to boost the adoption of bio-based packaging and create a favourable environment for consumers’ habits change.

Webinar series organised by MyPack in collaboration with GLOPACK and YPACK

MyPack organised a series of successful webinars with two other like-minded EU-funded projects GLOPACK and YPACK, to disseminate together and maximise the impact of their results in different topics:

  • Challenges and opportunities of bioplastics for packaging
  • The impact of packaging on the environment and how to balance with food waste
  • Consumers’ acceptance and perception of sustainable packaging

Over 319 professionals from 32 countries and different stakeholder categories, mainly from scientific community, packaging and food industry, in addition to civil society and international organisations, registered to the three events held online on 28th October, 27th November and 15th December 2020. The participants expressed high interest by engaging an interesting discussion at the end of each webinar. 

15th European Bioplastics (EUBP) Conference (Online) 

3rd December 2020  

Online, EUBP welcomed over 350 participants from 36 countries. During four days, stakeholders from across the bioplastics value chain, including political decision-makers, producers, brands, academia, and NGOs, discussed moving the industry.

MyPack was showcased at the poster hall. Great interaction with our partner Tetiana Pavlenko, from UHOH, was in the live Q&A section.

Webinar “New Solutions for Innovative and Sustainable Food Packaging” 

2nd December 2020 

The webinar was organised by SUSFOOD2 On the initiative of MyPack project. MyPack partners provided knowledge and capacity building to projects partners supported by SUSFOOD2 in the field of food packaging.

13ème édition des Journées Aliments & Santé (JAS) au format 

18th November 2020  

MyPack was present in the ACTIA Europe Workshop.

Christophe Cotillon, Project coordinator, and Patrice Dole, Scientific coordinator, presented “De nouvelles solutions d’emballages plus respectueuses de l’environnement et assurant la qualité nutritionnelle des produits alimentaires”.

LCA Food 2020, virtually from Berlin (Germany)

 13-16th October 2020 

It was an opportunity to illustrate the work that 2B is carrying out within the Horizon 2020 MyPack project. Leo Breedveld’s presentation, “Under- or over-packaging: a key question in the food waste debate?”, in Session 4: Food Waste models and prevention actions with live discussion, dealt with the development of guidelines for sustainable packaging solutions that optimize packaging and reduce food waste.


GLOPACK monthly Skype call (online)

 4th May 2020 

GLOPACK H2020 invited us to share with their partners our research objectives and achievement.

“The use of bioplastics in the organic industry” Workshop (Nuremberg, Germany)

 14th February 2020

Novamont partner, in collaboration with IFOAM EU organised a workshop on the possibilities to use biodegradable and compostable plastics in the organic sector, where C. Cotillon (MYPACK coordinator) presented MyPack project and the updated state of the art of the development of compostable packaging.

BIOFACH Fair (Nuremberg, Germany)

 12-14th February 2020

Novamont partner-hosted MyPack project at its booth. During the fair show, it was possible to organise a meeting among partners, give specific information on the project as well as to meet interesting industries and stakeholders.

Organic innovation days (Brussels, Belgium)

 4th December 2019


On the 4th December, Sara Guerrini, from NOVAMONT, will present MyPack project in TP Organics’s Innovation Days 2019 in Brussels.

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School@Novamont (Novara, Italy)

28th November 2019

Within the training project “School@Novamont”, MyPack project was presented among the European projects that promote bio-based industry and products. 400 Italian students participated in the training session.

Rencontre ECOTHEC Plastiques et emballages 2019 (Paris, France)

25th November 2019

Our partner A. Guinault from CNAM presented MyPack project.

European workshop on bioeconomy (Paris, France)

29th October 2019

Our partner from CTCPA P. Dole from CTCPA participated to the workshop and presented MyPack project.

Commission développement durable du CTCPA (France)

24th October 2019

Dole from CTCPA presented to an internal event MyPack project.

Commission matériaux biosourcés pôle IAR (France)

22nd October 2019

 Our partner from CTCPA P. Dole from CTCPA participated to the workshop and presented MyPack project.

Internal dissemination in Wageningen University (Netherlands)

14nd October 2019

Our partner G. Granatofrom WUR presented a part of the result obtained in the framework of WP 2 integrated into her PhD thesis.