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MyPack education

The MyPack project multiplied the short communication through social media with key messages addressed to a large audience, including stakeholders. MyPack short communication complemented the information published by the project YPACK and GLOPACK. Since MyPack project includes also elaborated packaging as Blow® microtechnology at the difference of the two other projects, which have only biodegradable and compostable packaging.
Through the Twitter account, MyPack project announced the idea of developing education cards or videos in the form of questions/answers addressed to a wide audience to promote the project outputs through #MyPacknews.


The first cards are addressed to the dissemination of Blow® microtechnology device patented by UNIBAS and NINTEK partners as breathable packaging with their advantages.


The 2nd card is dedicated to food waste and its negative environmental impact. The card illustrates that by throwing away food with an example of 1Kg of tomatoes (tomatoes is worldwide consumed) the product and the resources (e.g. water, land & energy) to produce it are also wasted. One kilo of tomato waste is equivalent to one car’s CO2 emission on the road for two km. With the slogan “All together to reduce food waste and preserve our planet”.

The 3rd MyPack education card is in video format. It illustrates the active contribution of packaging waste to climate change, intending to raise public awareness and show the trade-off between packaging and food waste with a new concept. 2B partners calculated the CO2 impact to produce three types of packaging to pack a half kilo of tomatoes (paper bag, mixed packaging with paperboard tray and PE film; and PET tray) and that for the production of the packed tomatoes. The video exposes that using a single kind of packaging corresponds to the waste of a percentage of tomatoes.