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MyPack Consortium Meeting (5-6 July 2021)

The 8th MyPack consortium meeting was held online due to the current pandemic COVID-19 crisis. In total, 29 partners attended the online meeting split into two sessions. The first session was mainly dedicated to MyPack innovative packaging with the last results on the application of compostable/biodegradable packaging, provided by NOVAMONT and NATUREPLAST in collaboration with WIPAK, CNAM and FURSTGROUP, in fresh biscuits by LéaNature, baby food (Rigatoni) by HIPP, and fresh-cut salad by BARBASTATHIS. In addition to the trial conducted by UNIBAS/NINETEK and BARBASTATHIS on the application of BlowDevice micro-technology on fresh-cut salad. After the different presentations, a general discussion was engaged to identify the weak points of applying the technologies and propose a solution or program a new trial at the end of August.

The second session held on 06 July was devoted to the work performed by KIDV and WUR on the new strategy to improve the sustainability communication of eco (packaging) innovations and the dissemination activities. WUR partners also presented the obtained results on A meaningful reminder on sustainability: when explicit & implicit packaging cues meet.

The second session was concluded with a general wrap up of all the project activities.