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MyPack project is designed to generate maximum impact right from the outset and in the long-run, by moving forward innovative packaging in terms of market replication and better consumer acceptance.

In specific, MyPack project aims to generate the following impacts:

  • Reduce waste in both food and packaging materials, and its negative impacts on the environment. Concretely, the objective is to increase by 25% the use of biodegradable and packaging from renewable resources, also to increase by 20% the use of elaborated packaging technologies in food applications in Europe at Horizon 2025.
  • Strengthening the European food value chain through continued support to product quality, contributing to consumer trust and increased consumption.
  • Strengthening of the EU’s position in manufacturing, improving competitiveness as well as opportunities for growth, diversification and job creation for the EU food and packaging sector in general, and SMEs in particular.
  • Support for the transition from a linear to a circular economy. MyPack will provide guidelines as macroeconomic tools to skip the barriers or select the best geographical localization with a global coherence between innovation needs and environmental expectations for the best development of a sustainable technology
  • provide guidelines that will encourage the easiest market to target before expanding the use of technology; and enable new technology providers to understand all barriers to market access, be they regulatory, technical, industrial, or consumer acceptance

The development of MyPack technologies will take place in three stages; (I) direct exploitation will enable high packaging technologies to rapidly find end-users (ii) optimized exploitation of these technologies will allow to meet barriers to market access ; (iii) the use of the MyPack tools will allow the used packaging.