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Free joint webinar “Sustainability communication on food packages status quo and future needs”

After the successful series of webinars organised by MyPack with two other like-minded EU-funded projects. MyPack project renewed its experience with a cost action project CIRCUL-A-BILITY.
Moving toward the same objectives as the MyPack project in limiting the negative environmental impact of packaging and food waste and influencing decision and policymakers EU-wide; CIRCUL-A-BILITY project is an inclusive network with the aim to influence and harmonise future food packaging.
In total, over 109 participants from 30 countries (EU and non-EU )and different fields, mainly research community, packaging and food industry, civil society, and international organisations, registered to the events. During the event, the partners discussed the following issues with an engaged debate with the participants:
  • Packaging and Sustainability;
  • Sustainability communication to consumers;
  • Circular packaging design;
  • Sustainable disposal behaviour of packaging;
  • Consumers‘ perception of sustainable packaging;
  • Gap between current developments / activities and communication on packages;
  • Research needs;
  • Current research activities within MyPack and COST Circul-a-biltiy, European projects.

The presentations are available here:

Prof. Victoria Krauter – Circular packaging design and communication

Giulia Granato – A meaningful reminder on sustainability: when explicit & implicit packaging cues meet

If you missed the webinar, the full webinar video recording is available on MyPack food channel https://youtu.be/MlLW1ZrAEMc